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One of the happening locality in Khar

Kudtos is authentic famous street food sold in Budapest

Restaurant: Budapest bake house

Date Time: 12-03-2018 11:42 AM

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Savoury Chimney Cones Makhanwala paneer Delicious juicy fresh marinated paneer creamy and juicy gravy stuffed within the crunchy chinmey cones Butter chicken (Most recommended ) If you are a butter chicken lover this is the right place to visit ?, butter chicken at the Budapest bakehouse is served in a freshly in house baked savoury chimney cones , ?They used shredded chicken in the chinmey cone for preparation of butter chicken ,the gravy was spicy and flavours were well balanced goes well on your palate.

Chimney Cones Dark knight Dark knight is surely show stopper @budapestbakehouse truly a temptation one can't resist . Freshly baked chinmey cones were in rolled caramel and oreo for the taste and presentation filled and overloaded with nutella within and cover with smooth chocolate ice cream , brownie crumbs and chocolate sauce from the top . The chocolate icecream used in dark knight was a disappointed.they surely need to work on it and try to improvise the icecream

Tiramisu Tiramisu was overwhelming ,it was stuffed with cake within the freshly baked chimney cones , it is a coffee flavoured soft, smooth and creamy dusted with coffee from the top

Drinks Spice Guava The mocktail was spiked with spicies and guava . Spicy Guava was refreshing in ever

Budapest bake house is located opposite to Hoppipola and right beside Raasta bombay
One of the happening locality in Khar , from this outlet Khar social , hoppipola , and Raasta bombay are very close by.
Planning for snacking before going for clubbing surely right place to visit
From khar station it will take you 10 mins to reach by rickshaw
The oulet was cosy,the ambience was good , love logo the and the chinmey cone maker displayed on the wall 
The hospitality was good the staff were quick and pro active , specially amogh and anvidh
The concept of savoury chinmey cones were inspired and was originated from the streets of Budapest in Hungary which also known as Kudtos. 
Kudtos is authentic famous street food sold in Budapest
Budapest bakehouse started the trail firstly at The Pophut , after receiving overwhelming response and the popularity. Among the people they opened up a outlet in Khar , which became big hit and got hyped and viral all over the social media
Savoury Chimney Cones is some what the same concept of pizza cones, But chimney cones are more crunchy is tastes because of the unique way it is baked