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Ariel's #sharetheload campaign washes away household inequality


Date Time: 25/02/2019 10:28 AM

Added By: Parth Kothari

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We recently attended a panel discussion organized by @ariel.inida where panelists Rajkumar Rao and Tisca Chopra spoke about gender disparity. Gender inequality which is still pertinent in India affects a woman’s overall mental and physical health. Such discrimination affects the career prospects of a woman as well. Actor Rajkumar spoke about how he participates in household chores as he firmly believes in gender equality. He doesn’t differentiate work based on gender.

#Ariel questions the stereotype of household chores being a woman’s responsibility and urges husbands, sons, brothers, boyfriends to participate equally. Taking the same theme forward, the brand is now back with another hard-hitting social media campaign within #Sharetheload to break such gender stereotypes. The thought-provoking video campaign, which garnered over 15 million views in 2 weeks, delivers an impactful message about #equalresponsibility. Here’s the much talked about film, if you haven’t already given it a watch-

In today’s age and time, mothers teach their daughters to be boss ladies but forget to teach their sons to #shareresponsibility at home. According to stats, while women are supposed to don various hats, men don’t find the need to help in household duties. Research shows that majority of the children see their mothers do the laundry and hence pass it as a ‘woman’s job.’ These gender roles become ingrained as children learn what they see and thus the vicious circle continues.

#Ariel urges mothers to be the flag-bearers of change by raising their sons to be equal partners. Household chores should not be gender specific but should be equally shared by men and women. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes is not just a woman’s job, sons should share the load for domestic work as well. They should take equal ownership. After attending this insightful event we are surely going to help wash away social prejudice by assisting mom more often, are you?