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This is Copper chimney

Copper Chimney

Restaurant: Copper Chimney

Date Time: 12-03-2018 11:31 AM

Added By: Parth Kothari

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Drinks Achari whiskey This cocktail comes with a twist whiskey combined with achar and gingle ale enchance and spice up the whiskey . Taste was very tangy Sula chenin Blanc Chenin Blanc of Sula is white wine smooth and soothing in taste ?

Starters •Kadak Romali masala papad •? Is a handcrafted gigantic tawa shaped thin crispu bread topped up with chilli butter masala filled with finely cut onion , tomato, Indian spices. evey bite of kadak romali masala papad you feel the crunchyness buttery of the romali masala papad and the overwhelming taste ,and when paired with some their amazing starters .

•Smoked white pepper chicken chop This dish is influenced and orginated from Baluchistan. Smoked white pepper chicken chop is a chicken chop marinated with white pepper and nutmeg ? ?it is a Authentic classic dish of Copper chinmey since they have started .

•Tandoori fire chicken Tabdoori fire chicken is authentic North Indian firery chicken roasted half Chicken nicely marinated The aroma and the taste was very pleasing smd flavours in tact . •?Grilled burrah chop The lamb chops are cinnamon scented , Marinated for 8 hours The juicy and tenderly lamb chops are the Seared smd chargrilled , and roasted till perfection ?Tasted over whelming worth trying

Desserts •Almond phirni chikki crumble Is an Indian dessert , Freshly prepared rice phirni covered with almond , crunchy chikki crumble and fresh strawberries from over the topped , A sweet decadance which cannot be missed. This is the perfect dessert to calm your sugar rush cravings.

Muzaffar Muzaffar is a old authentic receipe of combining the sweetness of the Lucknowi style thick freshly prepared rabdi, and the crispy and the aroma of roasted vermicelli with Pista and almond on the topped of Muzaffar Luscious and sinful indulgence one Can't resist .

Copper Chimney recently had revamped the outlet and reopened a month back in Kala ghoda beside the most iconic place where the Kala ghoda festival takes place every single year .

For a extravagant lavishing dining and for enjoying authentic Northern Indian and Mughlai cuisine with friends ,family and colleagues this is the right place . 

Copper chinmey is of two level Ground level had live food counter , buffet and Bar counter and the upper level had a proper Dining area 
This place serves great food , with amazing Ambience 

The hospitality at the outlet was really good 
The staff were very friendly and the response was very quick . Shankar who is the Manager of the outlet was very helpful .
The plating and the garnishing was on point