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"Hitchki" one of the finest places I've lately visited.

minimal and classy

Restaurant: Hitchki

Date Time: 12-03-2018 03:08 PM

Added By: Parth Kothari

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COCKTAILS / MOCKTAILS 1) Smokehattan This is a whiskey base drink with cinnamon flavoured smoke. It strongly smells of cinnamon but minimally tastes cinnamon and I appreciate that. Because most of the cocktails lose the taste of alcohol because of added flavours. 2) He-man This one's made with red bull, peach and grenadine. 3) Minions Not only did the mocktail attract me, but also it's name. Who doesn't love minions?

STARTERS 4) Thai Curry Hummus I have lately developed a sacred feeling for Thai food and I'm pretty glad about that. Regular hummus is versatile and clichè , Thai hummus was what appealed me. 5)Chacha Chowdery It's a nice flavorful white soup made of beer, cream, veggies. Surprisingly, the beer did not make the soup bitter even a bit. It was hot even after quite a while due to the pot in which they served. Had a kadak pav along. 6) Mumbai Ka Julius Caesar It's a parmean papad with caesar dressing. You can choose either eggs or chicken. We chose boiled chicken.

7) Full Zhol Che As the name says, nobody can guess what it would be. It's truly a zhol. A concoction of cashews, mozarella served with mint yogurt. Its deep fried. Very crisp. A good appetiser for the vegetarians. 8) Bhatti Ka Paneer This dish is a hitchki recommendation. Comes in 4 different varieties. We chose the malai one. Ultra soft and creamy paneer, cooked over tandoor with capsicum and tomatoes. 9) Vasai Ker Bhujing I never knew bhujing could get so famous. I had it at a place in Vasai but this one was definitely better than the original. Its boneless chicken cooked in spices and roasted. Served with puffed rice what we commonly call Poha.

MAIN COURSE 11) Ghee Rice with Roasted Chicken Honestly this was a place where I was greedy to taste a huge variety of dishes because they were undeniably scrumptious. I felt like licking my fingers. I was full yet kept a space reserved for main course and dessert. We had this roasted chicken in Mangalorean gravy. It was smooth, aromatic, delicious ! Ghee rice was a pleasure to my stomach. The struggle to eat more just got happier with this dish. Recommended

DESSERT 12)Laila Majnu Yes the name is too cool. The pair laila- majnu is about chocolates. White and dark. The relationship and the way they balance between both is phenomenal. It has a crunchy base topped with chocolate layers covered with chamber like sticks and beside is a parle g pesto spread.

13)Banofee Bomb Last but not the least. Such bombs are always desirable. Ye toh suna hoga "mann mai laddu futa?" Here it's a bomb loaded with dry fruits, chocolate coating, caramel syrup and glazed banana. What more could you ask for? It is indeed perfection. I had a wonderful experience at Hitchki. Ambience, Service, Staff, Food, Location. Everything is great. Must try place.

"Hitchki" one of the finest places I've lately visited.
They have 2 outlets in Mumbai- Powai and BKC.
I visited the Powai outlet. The place literally stole my heart in every possible way. I couldn't find a single point as a food reviewer to deduct a point and after this outstanding experience nor do I wish to deduct thus giving them a perfect score.
So Hitchki is located at a happening locality with many other restaurants around, they have their own uniqueness and exception. The interiors are beautifully done. As you enter, you find a massive bar counter and the partition takes you to the dining area. There is also a private area here. The dim lighting and cushioned seating is done well and comfortable. It's minimal and classy. Their food and bar menu has an attractive plush touch. As you take it in your hand, you find it fancy and when you open it, all you'll see is funky named dishes and drinks. It's quite an interesting concept. Hitchki functions fronoon to around1.30am.
 They serve modern Indian food. Its a casual dining plus bar. Hitchki has no Hookah. It's a good place for a family dinner, friend's birthdays or maybe a date. The service was absolutely timely despite it being asunday. I did not have to wait for any dish, time was well managed by the staff. I was served by Vishal and Mohsin who are very kind and friendly. They understood my choices and suggested me best of the dishes. It's a place to catch your fancy.