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One by Two

One by Two cafe in Borivali (west).

Restaurant: One by Two

Date Time: 12/11/2018 04:30 PM

Added By: Nikita Manot

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Parth and I recently visited the One by Two cafe in Borivali (west). Situated near the station, this pocket-friendly café offers a variety of fusion dishes to tickle your taste buds. As the name suggests, they specialize in offering two different flavours in a single dish. As Parth and I argue over which dish to order, the kind owner suggests some of their specialities. We first have the Cheesling Bhel. Loaded with cheese, the crunchy cheeslings combined with the tangy chutneys make for a perfect pair. Next, we have the Kurkure Bhel. If you are a 90’s kid and love Kurkure like I do, this dish is the perfect combination of nostalgia with a modern twist. The zesty sauces simply enhance the flavour of the Kurkure making it the ultimate chatpata dish.

Then, we have the Special Pav Bhaji Platter. Served with four pavs, this dish will surely fill up your bellies. The pavs are served with three varieties of bhajis along with a side of spiced onions and coriander. The three variants include the classic bhaji, the special black bhaji and bhaji with a desi twist, Palak paneer bhaji. All the bhajis were flavoursome but our personal favourite was Palak paneer bhaji. The tender paneer along with the buttered pav was heavenly. Almost full at this point, we decide to order one of their specialties as our last dish. We order the One by Two special Pizza which is a half and half pizza. Half part of the pizza topped with exotic veggies and the other half was tandoori paneer. Parth and I surely didn’t have to fight over this one. He had his favourite topping, paneer, while I enjoyed mine. The pizza sauce was well balanced and complemented the veggies perfectly. This desi pizza was a nice break from the store-bought pizzas we usually have.

And of course, then we order dessert. There is always place for dessert, even with a full tummy. We wash all this delectable food down with a chilled Oreo Freak Shake. A perfect combination of Oreo and chocolate, this delicious treat is sinful. Pleasant ambiance, good company, and honest food makes this the perfect place to hang-out with friends and family.

Thank you Parth for the oppurtunity