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Oyalo - The perfect new pizza spot in town.

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Restaurant: Oyalo

Date Time: 07/10/2019 12:48 AM

Added By: Nikita Manot

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Not to be too cheesy but Pizza is one of the universally loved dishes today. From kids to adults, everybody loves a slice of the Italian pie. This delicious fast food dish has become comfort food for a lot of people around the globe. With the increasing popularity of this cheesy goodness, it has become difficult to find a place that serves great Pizzas.

Introducing, @oyalo_pizza, a newbie in the city that serves mouth-watering pizzas in a variety of classic as well as modern flavors. What sets them apart is their distinct house-made cheese that perfectly compliments the crispy crust. From unique flavors like celery szechuan paneer to creamy macaroni, they serve pure vegetarian pizzas. Their array of fresh toppings is hand picked by the in-house chef to ensure excellent quality of ingredients. Also, their scrumptious sauces are made from scratch and are to die for. They offer an interesting choice of milk beverages to go with the pizza. We truly enjoyed our glass of Gulkand milk with the Triple cheese pizza. A bite of the warm gooey cheese contrasting with the rich flavor of gulkand milk was so heavenly and refreshing.

We bet, the delicious aroma of their freshly baked pizzas will surely leave you wanting for more. So, go share a slice of pure happiness with your friends and family at @oyalo_pizza or order via @zomato or @swiggy.

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