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Easy Cappuccino – New Coffee Spot in Bandra

Restaurant: Easy Cappuccino

Date Time: 19/11/2019 10:48 AM

Added By: Zainab

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Attention peeps! Easy Cappuccino, a quaint and cozy coffee QSR is a new venture by Adnan Sarkar – founder & owner of the popular Dr. Bubbles. He started this outlet with the intention of providing freshly brewed coffee & incredible biscuit shakes.

We take our coffee very seriously & our always up for discovering new places serving good cuppa coffee!

They serve a range of freshly brewed coffees like espresso, cappuccino, frappuccino & so much more. We started our evening with their Hazelnut Cappuccino, the additional hazelnut flavour made the coffee taste even better. A must try if you like hot beverages.

Coming to the highlight of our visit - Biscuit Shakes! They’ve given your childhood favourites an amazing twist & come up with flavours like Jim Jam Cheesecake, Milk Bikis Vanilla Crème & Nice Hawaiian. Tempted, aren’t you? One sip & you’ll be transported back to your childhood.

Unlike any other place in Mumbai, they use original biscuits & not just flavouring. We thoroughly enjoyed the combination of Jim Jam biscuit with the cheesecake, it was perfectly sweet & thick in consistency. Their range of unique shakes will definitely be one of our reasons to head back here soon!

Lastly, they have a short & simple food menu consisting of Mini Pancakes, Pizza, Croissant & Desserts. We suggest ordering their Veg Supremo Pizza & Naked Nutella Pancakes. Y’all can thank us later. Did we mention how affordable everything is? If you’re looking for a chill spot around Bandra to hangout with your friends over good coffee & food, Easy Cappuccino is the answer!