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Wake up and say bye to household inequalities with #Ariel’s #Sharethelaundry campaign

Date Time: 21/03/2020 10:48 PM

Added By: Nikita Manot

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We recently attended an insightful event conducted by Ariel India where they launched their wonderful concept #ShareTheLoad. The simple idea focused on a startling truth - household chores are coming in the way of women getting enough sleep and rest. Hosted by Mandira Bedi, the event saw Tahira Kashyap light change to shed light on household inequalities that women face.

From getting up early to preparing our dabbas to switching off the lights after everyone sleeps, women hardly get adequate sleep. According to surveys taken by Ariel, more than 70% women agreed that they slept less than their partners. In fact, they felt that the burden of household chores made them miss out on precious moments with their children.

So, in order to break the gender stereotype around household chores, Ariel is back with another hard-hitting social media campaign, #ShareTheLaundry. Have a look at their thought-provoking video campaign if you haven’t already seen it–

In today’s age and time, women not only work professionally but also single-handedly manage household chores. However, working non-stop leaves them sleep deprived. Ariel urges women to put themselves first as they deserve to have a healthy and balanced life. Household chores are not gender specific and should be shared by women and men equally.

It's high time now women be empathetic towards themselves and ask men to be equal partners in true sense. And, as most men agreed, washing clothes in a machine is the easiest chore for them to begin with. So, it's time we step up to bring a positive change because women deserve to rest. Let’s wake up and share the load for equal sleep.

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