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Try All-Natural, Vegan, Single-Origin Chocolates From Ambriona This Diwali!

Restaurant: Ambriona

Date Time: 21/10/2019 05:30 PM

Added By: Nikita Manot

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Gifting your loved ones just got easier and sweeter this festive season. Let us introduce you to Ambriona Chocolates – a brand that makes luxurious chocolates, that are single-origin made using cocoa beans sourced from various parts of the world to suit the Indian palate.

Their all-natural chocolates are made using premium ingredients, offering a lavish array of truffles and gift hampers that are perfect for a festive indulgence. With neat and elegant packaging – Ambriona’s gift boxes are what you should rely on as a gifting option to put a big smile on your friends or family’s faces. What’s more? They have vegan and gluten free options as well.

While we love their decadent truffles, our personal favourite is their ‘Daarzel’ a rich chocolate variant, made using cocoa beans sourced freshly from India that comes in multiple flavours and is a mild dark chocolate.

Check out their exclusive ‘Daarzel box’ which has 6 delicious flavours that is perfect for Diwali, corporate or a wedding gift!

They also provide bulk orders for corporate gifting with excellent packaging options and have a variety of nut butters as well.

Their vibrant gift sets are filled with an assortment of premium chocolates and are the perfect present for any wedding.

About Ambriona

Inspired by the Mayans, the first civilization to harvest cocoa, Ambriona Chocolates was formed by a small group of chocolate lovers and professional chocolatiers. After extensive research and a strong understanding of the Indian market, Ambriona’s range of high-quality products were developed. Innovation played a key role in the production of their decadent rich chocolates. They specialize in single origin & combinations of origin chocolates which highlights the exquisite natural notes of the cacao making it a healthier alternative to conventional milk compounds & other chocolates.