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A classic Aglio Olio pasta is like comfort in a bowl. With minimal ingredients and a simple cooking procedure, this beautiful pasta comes together in minutes and is best enjoyed with a drizzle of parmesan cheese on top. Read on for the step by step recipe –

Detailed Recipe

  • Use a good quality spaghetti Pasta and cook it as per the packet instructions. Save about ¼ cup of the Pasta water before you drain the pasta

  • In a pan take 4 big spoons of olive oil, don’t let it heat too much and immediately add 8-10 cloves of chopped garlic.

  • Saute them until fragrant only, don’t let them brown or burn

  • Now, add 2-3 spoons of chilli flakes, salt as per taste, 1 spoon pepper, 1 spoon Italian seasoning and mix for 1 min

  • Now, adding mushrooms are optional, if you don’t like them you can skip it. We added half a cup of sliced mushrooms for this and sauteed them for 3-4 mins

  • Now add some fresh chopped parsley or dried parsley. They’re easily available at groceries

  • Add ¼ cup of Pasta water, the water you save before draining the pasta (this is very important)

  • Add the boiled spaghetti into the pan & mix everything together gently

  • Cook for a minute or two & serve hot!

  • You can also drizzle some grated parmesan cheese and some toasted bread topped with garlic butter along with the pasta for a wholesome meal! Hope you try this recipe, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @munchymumbai if you try it!