About Us

Parth kothari

Parth Kothari - Co-Founder and Chief Business Head

A management student who spends half the day thinking about what to eat in the next one hour! Parth started MunchyMumbai with a passion and love for food and to share, show the world all the good food he eats. Inspired by his father, who's a successful business, Parth put his focus into turning MunchyMumbai into a brand altogether. He can drown himself in beer, play with kittens all day long and eat pizza and sev puri for every meal!


Sagar Rupani - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Sagar started MunchyMumbai for the love of food. Being a business student, Sagar is a perfect blend of intellect and creativity with a splash of craze for gadgets. He is a traveller who often finds business inspiration from the many stories he comes across, with each new city he visits. The only time Sagar is not thinking about innovative strategies is when he is busy eating! He's a gourmet and his love for food is just at par with his love for business. One will often find him cruising new restaurants and cafes in search for good food and better ideas. For Sagar, there is no better investment than technology, food and travel!


Senjuti Biswas - Content Head

A marketer by profession, Senjuti is a happy-go-lucky girl with an eye for detail and faces the constant battle between eating junk and wanting to lose weight! She loves writing, clicking, talking and making people drool by just reading about food. Oh and did we mention, she's a Bengali who prefers Butter Chicken over Fish?


Zainab Kazi - Copy Writer

With the immense love for eating, Zainab discovered her passion of intricately writing about her eating experience which could make your mouth water just by reading about it. She could down herself an entire large pizza without any help & still be hungry. Also, she trusts in always having extra space for desserts & never giving up on her dreams.